[Switch] Namcot Collection

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[Switch] Namcot Collection

Beitrag von Seppatoni » Fr Mär 27, 2020 07:42

During the Japanese Nintendo Direct, Bandai Namco revealed it would be releasing the Namcot Collection for Switch on 18th June 2020. No, it's not a typo, 'Namcot' was the name Namco used for its console publishing business between 1984-1995.

This upcoming collection will be available as a physical release and as a free download from the eShop. The hard copy will include every title in the "first round" of releases and a secret bonus title.

The digital release will allow players to select and buy individual games from the eShop, and they can then display them on their virtual shelf however they like. Below are the titles that will be included in the first round (thanks, Gematsu):
•Wagyan Land
•The Tower of Druaga
•Battle City
•Star Luster
•Family Jockey
•Yokai Dochuki
•Dragon Spirit
•Mendel Palace (Quinty)
•Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti

Each title includes modern features such as the ability to stop and start the game, and save progress at any point. Similar to other collections, you'll also be able to rewind if you make a mistake, and screen settings can be customised as well



Mal schauen, ob es das Ding auch in den Westen schafft. :uconfused: